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Our keto meals will get you to KETOSIS

That's right. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body burns stored fat resulting in a build-up of acids called ketones.

Choose from our keto Diet Menu Meal Plans Now. 


Delivery Sunday to Thursday night only
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30-50 percent more servings higher macro count.
Delivery Sunday to Thursday night only

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Ketoliving OMAD edition

FOR ADVANCED KETOERS ONLY!(One-Meal-A-Day package includes one appetizer , one main course and one Keto Dessert)
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 Keto Thermogenesis package (EXTREME weight loss)

includes a natural thermogenic supplement to speed up ketosis
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 Ketoliving PLUS (with Keto Snack)

3 Meals plus 1 Snack
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Ketoliving XL PLUS

30 percent more servings (on regular meals) plus 2 Keto Snacks

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Ketoliving OMAD edition

FOR ADVANCED KETOERS ONLY!(One-Meal-A-Day package includes one appetizer , one main course and one Keto Dessert)
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Ketoliving Meals Weekday Basic

Zero Carbs with Ketoliving
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We Are Your Keto Diet Menu Experts

Instead of planning, buying, and preparing your own meals, which definitely includes cleaning everything up after, you should consider having expertly-prepared and restaurant-quality food delivered to you.

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What is Ketosis?

It would probably be common notion that the primary source of energy for the body is glucose. This normally fuels every function of your body, from brain cognition down to athletic performance.
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The Process of Ketosis

Basically, when you undergo ketosis, it allows the body to continue functioning properly, mentally and physically, even if there is an insufficient amount of carbohydrates or the amount of calories ingested is not enough.
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History of Keto

The keto diet was initially developed sometime in the 1920s to help treat children with epilepsy. Since then, researches have linked it to weight loss, which eventually made people, even without a history of seizures, jump into the bandwagon.

Keto Diet Menu Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner.

Keto Meal delivery is from Sunday to Thursday night only.

Sample keto Diet Menu Breakfast: Keto Biko or Keto Mini Cheesecake (Blueberry Flavor) or Ginataaan with Mozzerrella Balls. Keto Diet Menu Lunch or Dinner: Lechon Kawali with Egg Rice or Filipino Style Keto Grilled Chicken BBQ with Grilled Tomatoes Slides. Choose from 5 days to 20 days Meal Plan. With free kendoe Keto Strips for 60 days meal plan and above.

3 Meals more servings, no snack
* 30-50 percent more servings higher macro count.

Basic XL 5 days meal Php 2,900.00
Basic XL 10 days meal Php 5,700.00
Basic XL 15 days meal Php 8,400.00
Basic XL 20 days meal Php 11,100.00

Ketoliving PH, a keto meal delivery service for starters and even pros.

Ketoliving PH, a keto meal delivery service, is one of the most known local diet deliveries today. Most ket starters and even pros have subscribed to Ketoliving’s service and have seen significant results both physically and mentally.

What You Need To Know About Ketolivingph

Ketoliving PH can help you get through the beginning stages of switching to a ketogenic diet. The keto diet menu meal delivery service provides different subscription plans that allow you to choose from a quick five-day meal plan up to a 120-day meal plan.

The usual delivery time for keto diet menu orders is around 7pm to 11pm, the night before consumption day. For addresses within areas like Quezon City, Manila, Caloocan, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, San Juan, and Taguig, Ketoliving PH does not charge a delivery fee.

For those who are more particular about the number of servings included or would like to add one or two keto snacks, Ketoliving PH has the Ketoliving Plus and Ketoliving XL Plus. For Ketoliving PLUS, you will receive 3 meals plus a snack per day. The duration of your subscription plan can be as short as five days, which costs PHP2,550, 10 days for PHP5,000, 15 days for PHP7,500, 20 days for PHP9,800, 40 days for PHP18,400, and 60 days for PHP27,000.

“OMG I really Like it!”


Hi! Soup pa lang grabe na! Yung BBQ, sarap din po! Cant wait to try the salad tonight!
Looking forward to tomorrow's. Thank you po!
“Super Yummy”
Thank you so much for having this service :) 
You make it easy for people like me who want to be healthier but don't have the time or 
energy to prepare the right food :) Super life-changing niyo. And Super sarap ng food!

“Looks good, tastes even better!”

Delivery is on time, as promised.

Food quality, preparation and packaging is very good.


What I love about them is that they never skimp when it comes to the taste of their food.

Yes, small portions but definitely delish!


"healthy and satisfying food"


I Love it....everyone must try....Godbless


"everything is yummy that you can't feel that you're on diet"


What can I say? Nothing else but the BOMB!! The Beest!!

Great food, Creative Cuisine


"Effective yung program, you just have to stick to it"


Our Keto Diet Menu Team

We make things much easier and convenient for you to get more wholesome meals. Given the need and demand for nutritious food, our ketogenic diet meal plan helps You,in  achieving your health goals easily.
Kat Kat
Keto Specialist
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Keto Specialist
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