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Getting to Know Keto Diet Menu | Ketoliving PH


Going on a Ketogenic or Keto diet, or dieting in general, is no easy feat. You have to be more conscious of what you are going to eat, and what makes it more challenging is when you have to prepare and cook your own food. There may even be instances wherein finding reasonably-priced ingredients is becoming a hindrance to follow one’s diet. Such circumstance makes it relatively easy to see why diet delivery services are becoming more appealing. Instead of planning, buying, and preparing your own meals, which definitely includes cleaning everything up after, you should consider having expertly-prepared and restaurant-quality food delivered to you.

There is an increasing number of food delivery services that are able to reinvent healthy dishes and make them more appetizing, while still keeping its promise of helping you reach your weight or fitness goals. It is important to note though that consulting a doctor or nutritionist first before starting such diet or even any diet is important especially if you are dealing with pre-existing health conditions or any major health concern.

Ketoliving PH, a keto meal delivery service, is one of the most known local diet deliveries today. Most ket starters and even pros have subscribed to Ketoliving’s service and have seen significant results both physically and mentally.

Founded in July 2017, Ketoliving PH started with only a handful of employees. With its ever-growing list of customers, the team has now expanded to about forty people, with about 20 riders who deliver orders usually between 7pm to 11pm the night before consumption day. Also a part of their team is a personal chef who makes sure that they only serve quality keto meals.

If you browse through their webpage, ketolivingphlifestyle.com, you will see that they currently have several subscription plans. For instance, their “weekday meals only” plan, offers a basic subscription which costs PHP1,950 for a five-day meal plan. Eventually, you can opt for their 10-day meal plan all the way up to their 60 or 120-day meal plan wherein free Kendoe Keto strips are provided to those clients who subscribe to any of the two. A 60-day meal plan is currently priced at PHP21,000, while the 120-day meal plan is at PHP39,600.

For those who prefer or need more servings, they have “Basic XL – Weekday Meals Only” which consists of 30-50 percent more servings higher macro count. A five-day subscription under this category costs PHP2,900. Longer subscription days are also available which include a 10-day meal plan for PHP5,700, 15 days for PHP8,400, and a 20-day meal plan for PHP11,100.

“Weekday Meals plus Weekend meals” packages are basically “Weekday Meals” which include one weekend meal. Its pricing starts at PHP2,300 for six days. If you add a keto snack to this, the total price becomes PHP2,960. For a 12-day subscription, it costs PHP4,550 which becomes PHP5,870 to get the meals with a keto snack.

Ketoliving PH’s meal program is doable, delicious, and most especially, filling. Keto snacks in between meals are also provided if you avail any of their subscription plans under “Ketoliving PLUS,” and “Ketoliving XL Plus.” You will receive three meals plus a snack for at least five days or even up to sixty days for “Ketoliving Plus.” As for “Ketoliving XL Plus,” you get to eat 3 meals with 30 percent more serving and two keto snacks. The five-day meal plan costs PHP3,500, while a 20-day meal plan costs PHP12,800. You may avail their 15 or 20-day subscription.

If you intend to undergo an extreme weight loss diet, you may consider inquiring about Ketoliving PH’s Thermogenesis package which includes a natural thermogenic supplement to speed up ketosis (aside from the keto meals(. For a five-day meal plan under this package, it is currently priced at PHP2,295. You may also go for a 10-day meal plan, 15 days, or get a full 20-day subscription at PHP9,650.

Ketoliving OMAD edition is also available for those who are already in the advanced stage of their keto diet. This is a one-meal-a-day package inclusive of an appetizer, a main course, as well as a keto dessert. To avail this for five days, it costs PHP2,250, for 10 days it is at PHP4,450, for 15 days it would cost PHP6,650, and for a full 20-day subscription it is PHP8,800.

Aside from their diet plans, you may also want to try ordering baked goods. Indulging in sweets or pastries can really be difficulty when you are on a strict diet but Ketoliving PH was able to find ways to incorporate various sweet and tasty treats into your eating habits. A slab of keto brownies is priced at PHP250, while a piece of keto Matcha mousse mini cups costs PHP140.

Keto-friendly local delicacy bibingka may also be ordered as an add-on for PHP130 per piece. They also have keto choco cake currently priced at PHP160 per slice, and Keto Brazo de Mercedes for PHP130 per slice. Keto muffins are available for PHP120 a piece if you purchase a double keto cheese muffin, and PHP130 a piece for a cream cheese keto chocolate muffin.

Last September 2018, Ketoliving PH was featured in a local TV show, and it was mentioned by one of its owners that one of their bestsellers include the keto king bacon cheese burger. This can be ordered ala carte for PHP 250 per piece. Other products that can also be ordered as an add-on including keto cinnamon donuts for PHP200 for a box of 2s, Bagnet chips either cooked or uncooked, priced at PHP 300 and PHP200, respectively.

Ketoliving PH is not only available to consumers within Metro Manila and select areas in Luzon, but also in Cebu. They have also started catering to vegetarians through KetoVegetarian PH. All keto variants offer subscription packages as well as food customization services.



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