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Keto Diet Menu Experts | Getting to Know Keto Living Owners

Life can get really busy fast as soon as you become part of the workforce, and cooking healthy meals can become somewhat more challenging than it used to, especially for those who are juggling a lot of responsibilities – work, family, along with their social life. Three people took this as an opportunity, rather than as a challenge, and came up with another game changer in the country – a healthy meal delivery service which brings delicious, healthy, and reasonably-priced food not only to the desks and offices of working Filipinos who want to have decent and healthy food even while they are at the office, but also to those who simply do not have the time to prepare and cook nutritious meals.

Diet food delivery businesses make things much easier and convenient for their clients to get more wholesome meals reach them. Given the increasing demand for nutritious food, this kind of business helps people in achieving their health goals easily and support their desired lifestyle.

John Vincent Pe Benito, Kath Buendia, and Franco Christian Santos, took the idea of a diet food delivery business a notch higher as they opted to specialize in preparing keto-friendly meals for their customers. Going on a ketogenic diet is becoming a popular choice as it is believed to result in faster weight loss, improved heart health, as well as an increase in energy levels. Keto-friendly meal delivery services provide food that comply with ketogenic rules, which means keeping the amount of carbohydrates low. Also, the meals offered are generally free from grains, legumes as well as refined sugar.

The three established Keto Living PH in July 2017, with John as Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kath as Co-Founder and Vice President, and Franco as the Chief Financial Officer. John has had various corporate jobs in the Philippines, and also had work experiences abroad. As for Kath, aside from being an entrepreneur, she is also an experienced Public Relations (PR) strategist who has worked in the public relations and communications industry for years. Franco, on the other hand, is also the Chief Executive Officer of Spark It!, a marketing communications firm.

Since July 2017, Keto Living PH has been providing a wide range of meal subscription packages. Their most basic meal plan can be availed for as short as an entire work week - basically just five days. This is an ideal option for those who would like to simply determine if keto diet works for them. You can extend your subscription to a 10-day meal plan, or for as long as 60 days or even 120 days. When you avail any of these two packages, Keto Living PH will include free Kendoe Keto strips to your order.

Aside from their basic packages, they also have a thermogenesis package, intended for clients who prefer extreme weight loss. This particular meal plan comes with a natural thermogenic supplement so that ketosis is sped up. A five-day meal plan comes with 30s capsinensis, while its most extensive meal plan, which lasts for 20 days, comes with a free reversible waist trainer until supplies last.

For those who are already in the advanced stage of their keto diet, Keto Living PH has the Ketoliving OMAD edition which is a one-meal-a-day package which includes an appetizer, main course, and one keto dessert. Customers can avail this for as short as five days, 10 days, 15 days, or for 20 days.

At present, the owners have been able to expand their business not only in terms of the available meal plans and ala carte food items, but also in terms of geographic location. At present, KetoLiving PH is also operating in Cebu. When you check out Keto Living PH’s webpage, you will see a list of keto add-ons which include high-fiber, high-potassium keto loaf bread, keto bibingka, keto king bacon cheeseburger, shirataki noodles, as well as cooked and uncooked bagnet chips. They also offer keto-friendly dessert like keto leche flan, keto dark choco truffles, keto mini cheesecake, and keto brazo de Mercedes. Their delicious keto donuts come in two flavors, cinnamon and chocolate.

Another crucial thing about this business is the connection building with the customers. At present, KetoLiving PH has 25 thousand followers in their their Instagram account, and have posted numerous success stories of their clients which proves that the owners are really doing good business. More importantly, the owners have kept the same level of dedication that their loyal customers have as they remain hands-on to the business, making sure they work hand in hand with the Keto lovers.


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