The Process of Ketosis

Basically, when you undergo ketosis, it allows the body to continue functioning properly, mentally and physically, even if there is an insufficient amount of carbohydrates or the amount of calories ingested is not enough. There are actually three main types of ketone bodies that would form in the body during ketosis, and this includes acetate, acetoacetate, and Beta-hydroxybutryate or BHB (Higuera, 2018).

Most people would use ketosis for possible benefits like weightloss and a lot of people, from health buffs to non fitness enthusiasts, can attest that this kind of diet has worked for them.

Another possible benefit is improved energy levels. Without the surges of glucose, the body would have more consistent energy levels since it can use your own body’s stored fat for energy. Ketosis has also been shown to decrease inflammation, beneficial for cancer patients, as well as those with Alzheimer’s. It is said that ketogenic diet may also help with managing Parkinson’s disease. As it uses oxygen more efficiently, ketosis helps avoid physical crashes of low blood sugar.

For you to go into the state of ketosis, you have to be on a ketogenic diet. This diet entails eliminating high-carb food from your daily eating habits which include sweet candies, tons of baked desserts, processed grains, sugar-laden drinks like sodas and powdered fruit juices, as well as any other possible sources of refined sugar and even artificial sweeteners. You will also have to cut down on eating carbs that are whole foods-based like potatoes and other starchy vegetables. Fruits that are high in carbohydrates like pineapples, grapes, and bananas should also be avoided. The quality and types of food consumed are equally important for crafting a nourishing keto diet.

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Ketoliving XL PLUS on the other hand provides 30 percent more servings plus two keto snacks. Like Ketoliving Plus, there is a five-day meal which costs PHP3,500, the 10-day meal is PHP6,750, the 15-day meal is PHP10,000, and the 20-day meal costs PHP12,800.

Keto Diet Menu | Ketoliving PH also offers those who are already in the advanced stage of ketogenic diet its OMAD edition. It is a one meal per day package which includes one appetizer, one main course, and a keto dessert. For five days, it costs PHP2,250, for 10 days it costs PHP4,450, for 15 days it costs PHP6,650, and for 20 days, it costs PHP8,800.

Other keto add-ons that you may include in your order are keto brownies worth PHP250 per slab, high-fiber high-potassium keto loaf bread which costs PHP600, double keto Cheese muffin for PHP120 a piece, keto Chocolate Mousse mini cups which costs PHP140 per piece, Shirataki noodles worth PHP130, as well as keto Leche Flan for PHP145 per piece. They also have uncooked bagnet chips for PHP200 per 300 grams, and the cooked bagnet chips for PHP300 per 300 grams.

For those who regularly exercise even before switching to a ketogenic diet, you can still continue with your regular workout sessions as ketosis can also be beneficial during exercise. It helps prevent from crashing whenever you do a prolonged workout. Ketosis can also help improve the function of mitochondria, fat usage, as well as enzymes to improve one’s overall health and physical performance in the long run.