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Preparing keto meals can be easy as long as you are aware of these 3 basic steps.

1. Decide what to eat. Ask yourself if you have food preferences and cravings. Also, take note of your restrictions and allergies and other health considerations.

2. Make your grocery list and start the shopping trip. Be a smart shopper by checking on the macros of each item that you get from the grocery stand. Be familiar with the store aisles (it really helps!) Note that if you’re getting something that is not from the “Fresh Nook”, then most probably the item is processed and may have a lot of factors and food chemicals in it. Check back label and be guided with the figures you see.

3. Cook your meals! This should be the fun part. The actual process of producing the meal, combining together the items that you got from your shopping escapade and trying to make a delicious delicacy out of it!

What’s in your Keto Grocery List?

   Grocery shopping on the keto diet can be a bit tricky. Many processed, packaged foods are off-limits, and even certain whole foods are too starchy (sorry, sweet potatoes). You need to fill your plate with low-carb, high-fat foods such as meat, seafood, non-starchy produce, and healthy fats (

   So what should be in your Keto Grocery List? Let us hand you over the list:

1. Low Carb Vegetables: Arugula, spinach, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, bell peppers, fennel, cabbage, celery, Brussels sprouts, kale
2. Low Sugar Fruits: Tomatoes, avocadoes, a number of berries like blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, coconut, lemon, and limes
3. A variety of seafoods: Wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, shrimp, crab, tuna, mussels, cod
4. Meat, poultry and eggs: Chicken, turkey, beef (best if organic), venison, pork, lamb
5. Nuts and seeds: Macadamia nuts, flaxseed, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, walnuts, pecans, hemp seeds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds
6. Dairy: Cheese, cottage cheese, plain Greek yogurt, cream, butter
7. Oils: Coconut oil, Extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil, nut oils, coconut butter, MCT oil
8. Some sauces and condiments: Olive oil mayonnaise, mustard, unsweetened ketchup, oil-based salad dressings
9. Eggs, eggs, eggs!
10. Olives
11. Some snacks: No added sugar nut butters, sugar-free jerky, dried seaweed, nuts, low-carb crackers
12. Coffee and Tea: No sugar, no cream and no other artificial sweeteners.
13. Chocolate: Dark chocolate


Start Planning to Succeed Today

Pre-planning and prepping meals in advance will make everything easier for you on the keto diet (and even with other forms of diet).

Plus, you’re far more likely to stick to your keto diet successfully if you put a plan in place. Remember that it is always best to equip yourself with the right knowledge by doing a thorough research before you even jump icon the actual diet.

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